Imezran, an attempt to reach the truth using antagonism

Poster of IMEZRAN

Imezran is the name of a new play released lately by Thifaouin Association for theater in Al Hoceima. The play was written by Ahmed ZAHID and directed by Said DARIF. The author attempts to reach the truth by using the conflict between antagonist characters; such as the dark and light, laughter and crying. The characters play antagonist’s roles in a dramatic way to explore the common clue among them.

Thifaouin had won the grand-prize in the Youth festival of theater in Nador last month. In addition to that they won the prize of the best Mise-en-scène which went to Said DARIF and the prize of the best actor which went to Mohamed BENSAID.

Poster of IMEZRAN:

Photos of the Play:

Photos by Thifaouin Group for Theater
Poster Design by Chaib Oualhajji

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