Thayri, a new play by Rif Group for Amazigh Theater

Rif Group

Rif Group for Amazigh Theater in Al Hoceima has presented its newest play “Thayri” in the Cultural Complexe in Nador on the 29th of November, 2008. A large crowd of public was amazed by the high performance quality of Ahmed AJOUINI, Haddouch BOUTZOKENT, Laaziz IBRAHIMI, Youssef ZARYOUH, Mohamed OUAHOUDI in addition to the prominent actress Anissa IKARRI. This play was written by Faiza CHAKOUTI and was Executed by Mohsin BOUZAMBOU and directed by Ahmed AJOUINI. The group will present this play in many cities in Morocco this year. Thayri was sponsored by the Ministry of culture, IRCAM, CHABAKAT ALAMAL LILIGHATHA and FCEAR, which is a Spanish NGO.

Poster of Thayri:

Photos of the Play in Nador:

Article by Miloud AYADI
Photos by Rif Group for Amazigh Theater
Poster Design by Chaib Oualhajji

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