Khalid Izri Concert in Barcelona

Khalid Izri

Khalid Izri was presented in the Teatro Monumental Mataronense last Saturday at the fourth edition of the Festival of Cultures Cruïlla. Izri’s concert was great with his voice and his acoustic guitar and the instrumental accompaniment. The Amazigh musician based in Belgium was accompanied by a team of musicians, with a flutist travesera, an accordion who played the lute laps, a violin, double bass and percussionist with tambourine, pumpkin rotated, dishes, drawer and Charlie.

Khalid Izri sang many of his famous songs such as Yemma, Tasrith, Mach Gha Neg, and others. Mac Gha Neg was the icon of the night. Khalid Izri has played an important role in the cross cultural communication: to serve as a bridge between peoples. Certainly, the concert of Khalid Izri showed that music can connect cultures and generate dialogue without speaking the same language.


Photos: Pere Masramon

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