Thidrin Concert in Rotterdam


Thidrin band has given a magnificent concert yesterday May 24, 2008 in Rotterdam. The band has sang its newest songs and presented its latest album “BIYA”, which is expected to be available during the coming weeks in Morocco. Imazighen from different parts of Holland and the surrounding countries have attended the event and applauded warmly for Thidrin that brought happiness and joy on their faces. The music of Thidrin is characterized by its original rhythms that deal with social and cultural issues such as the oppression of women, freedom of expression, social inequality, etc.
Thidrin is expected to give a concert this summer in Al Hoceima, in which they will present their latest songs, such as Xatchi Rwazna, Biya, and other hits that are seen to be prominent.


Photos by representative in Holland (Najiha)

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