Birth of Union of North African Peoples

Union of North African Peoples

The meeting of Tangier of North African Amazighs (Berbers), which was held as part of the seventh edition of the TWIZA Festival of Tangier in Morocco, continued late into the night of 23 to 24 July 2011 to give birth to the Union of North African Peoples (UNAP).
This organization has unanimously appointed as President Mr Ferhat Mehenni of the Interim Government of Kabylia (Algeria) who will be assisted by Mr Fethi Benkhelifa of the Interim Transitional National Council (Libya), Mr Thomas Quintana of the Canary Islands , Mrs Khadija Bensaidane of Tunisia and Mr Ahmed Arehmouch of Morocco. The treasury is headed by Mr Ilyass El Omari of Morocco and the Secretariat by Miss Amani Alwachahi of Egypt.
It was agreed that the presidency is a single term of three years.
The nations not represented at the organization are invited to submit a membership application which needs to be accepted by two thirds of votes.
A working meeting is scheduled for the end of August, prior to which the filing of the articles of association will be duly conducted.


The President,

Ferhat Mehenni

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  1. aza says:

    tanmirt ad aniri

  2. aghrib says:

    good initiative, the only reproche is, as a moroccan citizen, is about the nomination of mr. ilyas aloumari as tresurer of the new association. well, all we knows his links to bad affairs and that he’s now rejected from the big makhzen,wich was his servent, and all honest people, who dont like his acts in many affairs. i dont understand how the money of this association was make in his nasty hands. to be developped.

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