Nador Mediterranean festival in its 2nd edition

Nador Mediterranean festival 2011

The regional Mediterranean festival association announces the organization of the second edition of Nador Mediterranean festival under the slogan: “Nador in a meeting with the world”. This event will take place from 7 to 10 September, 2011.

This edition music scene of the festival is featured by the prominent Amazigh music artists including Khalid Izri, Noumidia, and the laureate of studio 2m Tarik Fareh. Other national and international artists are also invited including Marwan Khouri from Lebanon, Bilal from Algeria and Nabila Maan, H Kayen,  …

The aim of this festival is to promote the geographical, economic, and tourism sector of the region, in addition to highlighting the richness of its heritage rooted in the Moroccan culture.


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  1. c’est une belle affiche dont je déplore une mauvaise utilisation de la langue mazighe , il ne suffit pas d’ecrir l’arabe en tifinagh. il faut soignesement charcher l’ equivalent du chaque mot en tamazight en l’ecrivant correctement en tifinagh ,faisant attention aux lettres emphatiques .festival: ANMUGAR méditerannéen ANAMMASAN il ya d’autres equivalents .de nador: N NNADOR( D et R) emphatique

  2. Dear Sir,
    I’m using this medium to introduce to your organisation, my folklore
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  3. mis n ugadir says:

    mauvaise utilisation de la langue amazighe dans l”affiche c”est de l”rabe en tifinagh tout siplement

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