Idir stole the show at the Mawazine Festival

Idir concert, Mawazine 2011

Legendary Amazigh singer Idir stole the show at the 2011 Festival Mawazine: Rhythms of the World on Friday Thursday evening, May 26 in Rabat, Morocco. Running through his extensive catalog which spans back to the 1970’s,  Idir delighted his Moroccan fans with hits like “Avava Inouva,” “Cfigh,” “Zwit Rwit,” and “Ssendu,” which he dedicates to all the mothers. With thousands of nonstop screaming, jumping, waving fans, it was evident that Idir,represents an idol for his Moroccan Amazigh and non-Amazigh fans.

Despite the rain showers that included the concert, Idir created an atmosphere of warmth to a wide audience of Amazigh music lovers bound to enjoy this wonderful artistic performance. This is not the first time for Idir to perform in Morocco, as he played before in many cities including, Al Hoceima, Ifrane, Maknes, Tangier, Agadir and others.

Videos from the concert

Avava Inouva
Zwit Rwit

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  1. Amany says:

    Ayyuz Idir, ayyuz Imazighen n Rbat.

  2. NihROV Niharmine says:

    J’y ai assisté, c’était une excellente soirée, Bravo IDIR

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