Fatoum concert in Melilla

Fatoum in concert

Celebrating Ramadan, the Muslims of Melilla have celebrated a cultural event last week. This event included Music, debates and other activities. Fatoum was one of the invited artists to enrich the program of this festival.

Fatoum performed in la Plaza de las Cuatro Culturas on friday the 20th of August 2010. The concert attracted a crowd from all regions of Melilla including Rifians and Spanish residents. Her concert was much appreciated by the public which supported her with their continuous clapping.  Congratulations to Fatoum for her continuous dynamic energy.

Fatoum is a Rifian artist residing in Brussels since her childhood. This talented artist is inspired by the Rifian traditions that she experienced in her childhood in Morocco before she moved with her parents to Belgium, where she is still living until today.

Fatoum is inspired mainly by Izran “oral Poetry”, which is one of the most important aspects of the Rifian culture. When girls work in the fields or wash cloths on the rivers, they always sing Izran in a spontaneous manner without any preparations. This helps overcome the hard time and neglect the effect of time when their work is overloaded. Meanwhile, izran were also a way to express their happiness when they celebrate events.

Extract from the concert:

Video by MelillaMedia

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