Yelas latest album ‘SLIYID’

Latest album 'SLIYID'

Hair in a mess , passionate gaze and always a guitar in his hands. YELAS means ‘omnipresent’, at the moment in berber (amazigh) music , he’s definitely one of the most innovative artists.
A few years a go, he left his native village called TARIHANT situated in the mountains of kabyle not far from the Mediterranean. Then he began a long voyage around the world , full of adventures and friendships; mainly in Europe and America. He developed his style through other musical cultures. This enabled him to achieve very personnel compositions, which doesn’t prevent his inventiveness. “It’s events that influenced my music, through my life experiences through-out the world”.

His first album received high critical acclaim and media exposer through-out the world. The lyrics have a rebellious character and the music is a fusion world music like flamenco, celtic, latino etc. The artist is still attached to his roots, interpretating his songs in his mother tongue : Berber, the original language of the native people of north Africa which for many years was oppressed.

Perfectionist, YELAS did not finish his second album, entitled ‘SLIYID’ (listen to me) until he was convinced of the quality of his work. he took all the time he needed, his moto “do it well or don’t do it at all”. His fans will not be disappointed because it’s a work of skill that he offers them. “This album is a real compilation, non of the songs are similar” he says. The guitar dominates with an unprecedented and elaborated universal style with a classical tendancy. There is a perfect synchronisation between the voice and the guitar. We feel the technical and harmonical work of YELAS. The rythems and melodies take us to a wonderful universe. “It’s the events that I’ve been through that influenced my music” he says.

Lyrically, this album is over flowing with love and passion: [ hear this song, it’s yours, listen to this, it’s for you, isn’t life beautiful, because you exist, life is wonderful.]. Beautiful lyrics , well inspired, carried by melodies which are an invitation to dream: [I feel you like my faraway mediterranean, I love you my reason for being]
Sweet lyrics for his lover, imprinted with emotion and tenderness . where the guitar is always present. The only friend and confident, in times of joy and sadness: [do you remember, it was summer, me and my guitar, it’s with me always, I took my guitar to sing for you.] or in another song: [why are you scared to love me? You my star]
Other lyrics speak of the exiles return home, after many years and also a bout oppression in Algeria. Finally you have two bonus songs ‘FOUROULOU’ and ‘SYMBOL’ recorded live.

Some songs from the album

1. Sliyid (Listen to me)

8. Youghaled (The return of the exiled)

Album songs:
1. Sliyid (Listen to me)
2. Kem (You)
3. Ayen ? (Why ?)
4. Génération (Generation)
5. Souad (Souad)
6. Itri (Star)
7. Tayrinou (My love)
8. Youghaled (The return of the exiled
9. Fouroulou (Fouroulou) (live performance)
10. Symbole (Symbol) (live performance)

By Kahina Slimani

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