Tifyur gave a successful concert in Melilla



Association “Imazighen de Melilla” celebrated Asugas Amaynu from the 15th to the 23rd of January. The event included several activities ranging from Theater, Exposition and Music. The theater group Assam from Nador performed its famous Play “Thaziri Thamiri”, which is realized by Farouk Aznabet, in the 15th of January 2010. The artist Siham from Nador was also present with her artistic works, which endured for a whole week. Tifyur, the famous Rifian musical group gave a successful concert in UNED in Melilla on the 23rd of January. Special thanks go to Mr. Aziz (Taziz), Muhamed Bouzian and Massin ( Members of association “Imazighen de Melilla”from Melilla who did their best for the realization of this successful event.

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