Thifaouin and Rif Theater groups have broken the silence in Al Hoceima

Thifaouin and Rif Theater groups

After a noisy summer, Al Hoceima got back to sleep again in what concerns the cultural activities. It’s rare when you see a huge crowd attending an event in the fall season, because people are not used to see much happening around. However this time, the theater groups have tried to break the silence of the city. Rif group for Amazigh Theater and Thifaouin have been able to draw a huge public to their manifestations.

On the 28th of September, Rif Group for Amazigh Theater presented their play “Thayri” which was released last year. The play is a story of the love of one’s homeland. And the sacrifice one would make for it. The play was written by Faiza CHAKOUTI and directed by Laziz IBRAHIMI.

Thifaouin group for theater presented on the 10th of October their brand-new play Imezran, which was written by Ahmed ZAHID and directed by Said DARIF. The author attempts to reach the truth by using the conflict between antagonist characters; such as the dark and light, happiness and saddness. The characters play antagonist’s roles in a dramatic way to explore the common clue among them.

Thifaouin had won the grand-prize in the Youth festival of theater in Nador in their last edition. In addition to that they won the prize of the best Mise-en-scène which went to Said DARIF and the prize of the best actor which went to Mohamed BENSAID.

Photos from the Performances of Thayri & Imezran

Photos by Miloud AYADI

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