Amazigh Festival Amersfoort 2009

Amazigh Festival Amersfoort 2009

This year Amersfoort celebrates its 750th birthday with many festivities all over the city. Stichting Tawiza is a Moroccan organization dedicated to contribute to the cultural life of Amersfoort. The Amazigh Festival will take place from October 2 to 31 in the city center.
Amongst the population of Amersfoort, there is a sizable community of Moroccan descent. Since the 1960s, this community has actively shaped the diversity and history of Amersfoort. During the upcoming cultural days the focus is on 750 years of the city’s history, as well as on 40 years of migration of Moroccan ‘guestworkers’ to the Netherlands and to Amersfoort in particular.

Official Opening
The official opening takes place at 2.00 p.m. in the district center de Roef and will be held by alderman Kruyt. Main focal point is an art exhibition: Rif as seen through the eyes of M. Abbtoy. Furthermore there will be a public reading attended to by writer A. Cottaar: “Moroccans in the Netherlands, the pioneers’ account.” M. Rabbae will give a short lecture on the struggles and the promotion of interests through organized panels within the Moroccan community in the 1960s and 70s.

Amazigh Festival Program
The festival’s program includes a DVD presentation of life stories of first-generation Moroccans in Amersfoort, as well as poems, readings, theater performances and music. In short, you will enjoy a generous dose of Amazigh culture. There will also be a lecture by writer and philosopher M. Aarab: “The forgotten history of the Moroccan Rif.” M. Aarab at present is program director at the Nederlandse Islamitische Omroep (NIO).

We heartily invite you to take part in the opening of Amazigh Festival. Naturally, you are also more than welcome to attend all other activities in October. Further information about the cultural and musical events can be found on our website:

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