Timazighin Association in Holland organizes Izran workshops


Timazighin of Nederland Association , for women and Amazigh cultural aspects, are organizing several workshops during the month of June on Saturdays about the poetic Rifian heritage: IZRAN. Anyone interest to participate in this subject, please contact Timazighin at info@timazighin.nlTimazighin Nederland was founded on February the 22nd. Timazighin Nederland is a network of women who acknowledge and answer to the needs and interests of Amazigh (Berber) women. Timazighin Nederland consists of independent, Amazigh awareness and enthusiastic women of Amazigh origin.

Timazighin Nederland’s main goal is to contribute to the strengthening and forming of the identity of the Amazigh woman and to support her in her Amazigh awareness process. We believe this can be accomplished by getting her in touch with her own cultural identity in a positive and constructive manner. We are planning on organising a diverse range of returning events aimed to enlarge the knowledge and nature of Amazigh culture where the role of Amazigh women as the main cultural transmitter will be an important feature.

Further we will adapt to the prevalent debate concerning women issues and initiate a (new) discourse regarding Amazigh women. In addition we will offer Amazigh women information on the areas of rights, health issues, education, etc. We hope to contribute to improve the position of the Amazigh woman as an individual and in the Dutch society. Timazighin Nederland supports equal admittance to; knowledge, power and resources.

The drive for the establishment of Timazighin Nederland comes from the desire for identity based activities within the community of Moroccan Amazigh women.

Committee members of Timazighin Nederland:
• Ghariba Charif (President)
• Sadika Arab (Treasurer)
• Anissa El Azzouzi (Secretary)


– Day 1: Saturday 6 June 2009 (background information Izran)
This day is aimed to know more about the association Timazighin Nederland and of course to learn more about Izran, what they stand for and their history.
Begins at 13.30 and the day will end at 17.30 hour.

– Day 2: Saturday 13 June 2009 (Lecture Tamazight)
This day is specified to the Amazigh language. Maarten Kossman, is lecturer and his expertise is
the Amazigh language. He works on the University of Leiden. He is going to give lessons in Tamazight, how to write Izran in Latin words.
De lecture begins at 13.30 Hrs and ends at 17.30 hour.

– Day 3: Saturday 20 June 2009 (How to write Izran yourself)
What you have learned on day 1 and especially on day 2, will participate in this day. This day is how to write Izran yourself, what is there important to know to write poems? Al these questions there is an answer for.

This day begins at 13.30 and ends 17.45 hour.

The lectures of this 3 days takes place at the Islamic University Rotterdam.
Bergsingel 135
3037 GC Rotterdam
Telefoon : +31 (0)10 485 47 21

– Day 4: Saturday 27 June 2009 (Festival: Arayes, Izran)
Time to obtain the adjoun and practice the Izran in real-live!
This day is only accessible for the women who have attended the earlier days.

The location for this day will be specified later on.


‘A Izran n yida, a kurcci d rem3ani
Adisebbar arebbi, wenn wayitefhimen ci’

The songs these days are full of sarcasm
May God, send patience to the ones who don’t understand

De liederen van tegenwoordig, zitten vol sarcasme
Moge God degene die ze niet begrijpt, geduld schenken.

For more information, please refer to www.timazighin.nl

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