Rayas Reaches the Final in Géneration Mawazine 2009


Rayas or La Esperanza reaches the final in Mawazine competition 2009. Rayas is most known under the name La Esperanza, which is just the translation of the word Rayas in Spanish. Rayas is a young group of talented musicians from Al Hoceima that work together to promote the Amazigh music, and especially the Rifian one. The name Rayas means Hope in Tamazight. The group went through three stages in this competition: Selection, Semi-Final, and Final that took place in Rabat on Sunday, 17th May 2009. The group played a 30 minute concert in front of the jury. The songs they played are composed by the group itself. Rayas is composed of seven Musiciens, playing several instruments ranging from Guitar, Adjou, Bass, Percussions, Dram, Raqraqab, Derbouga, and others…

Géneration Mawazine is a competition organized by the Association Maroc-Cultures, which is also the organizer of Mawazine Festival in Rabat. This competition aims to promote the young talents in Morocco. Last year Thaghrast, a group from Al Hoceima was nominated as the best fusion group in Generation Mawazine. This year another group from the same city reaches the final. One can notice that Al Hoceima is full of talents even if there is an absence of schools of music and arts.

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