Imetlaa gave a successful concert in Brussels



Imetlaa has given a successful concert in Brussels on the 11th of April 2009. This concert was programmed in darkoom festival, which was organized by a Moroccan and Flemish mission of culture in Brussels. The Daarkom festival offered a mix of music, film, art, literature and conferences.
The majority of Moroccans residing in Brussels (more than 90%) are from the Amazigh backgrounds, mainly from the Rif region. But the artists that contributed in this festival were all Arabs except imetlaa who really amazed the public. Imetlaa concert was the one that attracted the most public, and the most successful in this event.
One can notice that even abroad the Moroccan official organizations are excluding the Amazigh component of Morocco.

The following is a list of the artists that participated in this festival:

Els Dietvorst & Hassan Darsi – Mohamed Berrada – Douzi – DJ Saif Tom Naegels – Jamal Boukhriss – Mina Lafkioui – Rachida Lamrabet – Sahara Blues – koken met Fatima – Gene Bervoets & Zohra – Huisorkest met Ad Cominotto – Abdelmalek Kadi – Taha&Yassin Adnan – Imetlaâ – Souterrain

Latifa Raafat – Abdelhadi Belkhayat – Laïs – Cherifa Kestit – Huisorkest Moustapha Regragui – Sanaa Marahati

As you can see on the list, Imetlaa are the last and the only Amazigh band in this huge festival. However, they were the most successful!! So what would this mean?

Here are some pictures from the Imetlaa concert:

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