Khalid Izri & Thidrin in Concert in Rotterdam

Khalid Izri & Thidrin in Concert in Rotterdam

The 4th edition of the Amazigh festival in Rotterdam will be closing with a special and unique concert of the two leading Rifian bands, Khalid Izri and Thidrin on Saturday, May 9th 2009. This event is organized by Telilli Association, which is a nongovernmental association based in Rotterdam, Nederland. The association has been active in the last four years, the proof for that is the organization of the fourth edition for the Amazigh festival in Rotterdam, which has become a tradition now. The association main missions are to defend and promote the Amazigh identity, Promote multicultural tolerance, integration and denounce discrimination.

Izri plays guitar, flute and percussion, but his strength remains undoubtedly his voice. His songs deal with different themes, but often refer to social problems and cultural oppression. He sings poetic texts on the situation of women, the contrast between certain values in society.

Thidrin was established in Morocco in the early 80s, and then the concept of Thidrin migrated to Europ. The group plays world music, but the melodies and rhythms are still characterized as Amazigh. Their new CD Biya was published on May 24, 2008. Their music is an interpretation of The Amazigh oral tradition mixed with rich world music styles. Thidrin sings on the recognition of culture and language, inequalities in the world, injustice and sustainable international solidarity.

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