The 5th World Amazigh Congress

World Amazigh Congress

The world Amazigh Congress held its 5th international edition in Maknes from 31 October to the 2nd of November 2008. This edition was under the theme of “Freedom, Dignity, Justice for the Amazigh people.
The 5th Edition of the World Amazigh Congress is Characterized by the huge crowds it drew of both the participants and the media. The third and final day was devoted to the election of new instances of CMA: Federal Council and World Bureau. Thus, delegates met by region and elected the new Federal Council. Lounes Belkacem was elected again for another 3 years as president of the CMA, and he appointed himself the members of his administration.

The congress was opened to the conference room of the city of Meknes, in the presence of a thousand people, with the participation of Ms. Samia Slimane representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Hassan Id Balkassm, member of the UN Permanent Forum on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Mrs. Gema Xabarri, president of the Commission on Human Rights of the Basque Parliament and six other members Basques, Inigo Iturrate Ibarra, for Directorate General of the Commission and Equal Rights of Citizens Chamber of Deputies of Bizkaia, Daniel Peluffo, representing the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Mr. Gustave Alirol, President of the Federation Regions and Peoples Solidarity, Nicole stayed, representative of the Democratic Union Bretonne, Ms. Pelpina Sahureka, head of external relations front of Siwa-Lima, representative of the people of Maluku in Indonesia, Ramon Sargatal, representative of Convergencia Democratica de Catalunya, Davina M. Ferreira, of the NGO CERAI (Spain), Mr. Belaid Boudra on behalf of the FIDH, Mr. Ferhat Mehenni, President of the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia (MAK), Mr. Abdenour Abdesslam, linguist and writer, Mr. Zaddou, Chairman of the Committee of Relatives of detainees and Amazigh Berdahem Said, President of the support committee for detainees Amazigh. Also attending the inauguration of 5 ° congress, founding member of the CMA such as Mr. Mohamed Mounib, Hassan Maouni, Mr. Ouzzin Aherdan and many personalities from political, trade union and associations. The congress has also received many messages of support and sympathy, particularly from the Corsican Nationalist Party and the NGO Lawyers for the World.

The Congress of Meknes hosted delegations of delegates from Libya, Niger, Mali, the Canary Islands, Algeria, Morocco, Spain (Catalonia, Basque Country), France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Norway.

Meknes The congress was also marked by a strong presence of visual media Moroccan and international (Spain, Algeria, France and Arab countries).

After the opening session, delegates met to consider the moral report instances of the CMA, presented by President Belkacem Lounes and the financial report presented by the treasurer, Abdellah Fandi. After extensive discussion, both reports were adopted by a large majority in the General Meeting of the CMA.
The second day of the conference was devoted to work in committees. Four committees were nominated by the delegates: Human rights and international relations, Charter Amazigh, organization and monitoring of finances and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The latter was moderated by Ms. Samia Slimane, Human Rights Officer at the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Hassan Id Belkassm, member of the Forum Permanante United Nations indigenous peoples’ rights and Luis Rodriguez Pinero, a professor at the University of Seville (Spain). The summaries of the work in commissions were then presented to the plenary that has debated before adopting them in the form of recommendations. The General Assembly also made minor amendments to some articles of the Statute of the CMA.
The third and final day was devoted to the election of new instances of CMA: Federal Council and World Bureau. Thus, delegates met by region and elected the new Federal Council which is as follows:

* Algeria: Hocine Azem, Mehenna BOUDINAR, Ahmed Benkalem, Abdellah Brikha, Smail Deghoul, Mohand Ouamar Hashim, Rabah Issad, Lekadir Youcef, Mohamed Meziane, Kamira Nait-Sid
* Morocco: Mohamed Ajghough, Ahmed Wasit, Bouchdoug Mohamed, Mohamed Boutchkil, Fouad El-Omari, Chakib El-Khayari, Abdelaziz El-WAZANI, Zoubida Fdail, Tijani Saadani, Khalid Zerrari
* Diaspora: Ait-Ahmed Bashir (France), Ahcene Bozetine (France), Abdellah Fandi (France), Kamel Saidi (France), Sennan Bouzid (France), Jedjiga OUGGAD-Douillard (France), Belkacem Lounes (France), Said Essanoussi (Holland), Mustapha Eloualiti Alcala (Spain), Salwa Gharbi (Catalonia, Spain)
* Country Touareg: Ag Cheikna Hamat, Kaocen Maiga, Ag Baye Sheikh Ahmed Ag Attayoub
* Canary: Jaime Saenz, Tomas Mora, Nasser Benseddik
* Libya: Ahmed Mhamed Hamrani, Aissa Sijouk.
The 39 members of the new Federal Council will then meet to elect the president of CMA. The Council unanimously elected Belkacem LOUNIS as president of the CMA for another term of 3 years.

According to the Statutes of CMA, he was the global office by appointing the following members:

* Salwa Gharbi, vice president for the Diaspora
* Sheikh Ag Baye, vice president for Mali
* Cheikna Ag Hamati, vice president for Niger
* Jaime Saenz, vice president for the Canaries
* Khalid Zerrari, vice president for Morocco
* Hocine Azem, Vice-President for Algeria
* Ahcene Bozetine, Secretary-General
* Kamira Nait-Sid, Deputy Secretary General
* Abdellah Fandi, Treasurer
* Mohamed Bouchdoug, Assistant Treasurer
* Ahmed Wasit, Chargé de mission

Source: CMA

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