Azraf celebrates the Amazigh New Year 2959 in the Basque country


Azraf association in the basque country, in collaboration with the provincial Council of Bizkaia, celebrates the Amazigh New Year (Asegwas Amaynu 2959) with the pioneer of the Amazigh music Idir on January the 9th 2009. In mean time, AZRAF celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since its foundation, Azraf has realized many projects in Arif and also in the Basque country. Most of the projects realized by Azraf are related to human development, education, social works, and cultural awarness. Lounes Belkacem, the president of the Amazigh World congress will also assist to this event.
Kafe Antzokia is one of the famous places in Bilbao where the basque culture and language are defended, That is why AZRAF has chosen it to be a symbolic place where Imazighen would celebrate their Amazigh new year. There is a lot in common between the basque county and the Rif in Morocco or North Africa in general.

Idir is the name of Hamid Cheriet, emblematic Amazigh songwriter born in Kabylia, Algeria, in 1949. He is one of the greatest exponents of folk Amazigh music. In his last album,lots of famous musicians collaborated with Idir such as Khalida Toumi, Karen Matheson, Manu Chao, Geoffrey Oryema, Brahim Izri, Thierry Titi Robin, the Orchestra National de Barbès, Dan Ar Braz, Maxime Le Forestier, Zebda and Gnawa Diffusion, among others.

A message from Azraf Association:

“We want to thank all the members of Azraf: executive, members and affiliates. Thanks to the help of our friends, thanks to the Basque institutions, thanks to the friendly entities. In other words, thanks to the immigrants, thanks to the Basque society and its institutions who have opened their arms to Azraf project?”

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