The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima – Last Day Report (August 4th)

Khalid izri

After seven days of successful artistic festivities full of fine music and art, the annual Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima came to its end, with a promise of organizing a similar one the following year. The final day of the festival was a success- with hundreds of people taking to Mohamed VI hall which got completely full by 9:00 pm. A huge public came to attend the termination of this festival. And it was a real chance for them to meet with one of the leading names in the Amazigh music, the singer and artist Khalid Izri. In addition to this, the public also met with some local groups like the groups of Mabrouk and Izran Narayes.

As expected, the finalization of the Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima went all well thanks to the great efforts of the organizers and also the patience and understanding of the public, who once again showed a great interest in such artistic and cultural activities, which Al Hoceima is in great need of.

The first group to step on the stage was Mabrouk group, a local and traditional group that considers the Amazigh cultural heritage a serious issue to treat in music. This group consisted of a number of artists who sang to the tunes played by the musicians of the group using traditional Amazigh instruments like Thamja. After Mabrouk group came the role of the group Izran Narayes, a group consisting of four young girls, who sang some traditional songs from the Rif. They attracted the attention of the public who just liked their performance.

Impatiently, the public waited for the evening’s surprise. Short after Izran Narrayes’s performance, they started calling out for Khalid Izri. This figure is so dear to the public that they could not wait any longer.

Khalid Izri has become a famous figure all over the Amazigh world and is becoming an internationally known artist. He has participated in many international occasions where he showed that the Amazigh culture has its own artistic heritage which is typically Amazigh in nature. Now it has become a habit to hear that the name of Khalid Izri figures on the list of artists to participate in some international festival or artistic encounters. His outstanding and melodic voice is often heard in local Amazigh festivals like those organized previously in Tangier, Agadir and Al Hoceima. The final day of the Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima was an opportunity for the public of Al Hoceima to listen to some of the successful songs of this great artist, whose musical repertoire exhibits some of the finest songs that the Amazigh music has ever witnessed.

Khalid Izri was warmly welcomed by the public. Accompanied by his group of musicians, Izri played some of his memorable songs like Mayemmi, Tettud, Yemma, Yiwed and many others, and demonstrated the continuity of his creativity with new songs that remain in the register of a refined and committed art.


This report was accomplished by Agraw team
Photos: Mohammed Bounda & Adil Amghar
Article written by Hicham Boughaba

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