The Nadorian dream has finally become true

Khalid izri

The two days of festivities that took place in Nador made the dream of the Nadorians become true. This event was organized by ILMAS association in collaboration with Agraw coordination. The menu of artists that participated in this event was rich and various. Khalid Izri, Mabrouk, Benaman, Thifridjas, Noumidia, Ithrane, Omar Boutmazoght and Mimoun Rafroua drew thousands of peoples to the Cornich of Nador.
Thousands of People, coming from different regions of Nador province and other parts of the Rif seemed to admire the music played by the participated bands and artists.

The organization of this event aimed to give Nador the opportunity of shining again as it did last year with imerqan festival. Even If the period of the organization was short, one can notice a successful event. Great applauses go to the organizers that made their efforts to make of this event an unforgettable one.

This report was accomplished by Agraw team

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