The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima – Second Day Report (July 29th )

The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima - Second Day Report (July 29th )

The Second day of The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima was also an outstanding one. The huge number of the audience that rocked Mohamed VI hall would mean nothing but the success that the event has received. This day was characterized by the participation of one of the finest names in the Arab artistic world, in addition to some young and talented local artists who showed, once again, that Al Hoceima, in particular, and the Rif in general, exhibits a great load of talents who always brighten the image of art in the region.

The first group that hit the ground of the stage was Twassen, a famous local group made up of three talented young members. This music group presented some of its successful songs, which everybody in the audience admired. Twassen is known for its conservative music style.

Again the voice of the Amazigh woman was present during the second day of The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima, but this time it was represented by the voice of Tamiri, an artist and singer from the neighboring city of Al Hoceima, Nador. Tamiri, together with her group, played some of her cool and nice songs which gave to the evening a special flavour. Tamiri is not only a singer but also a performer. She has started her carrier as a comedian and singer since 1998 and won many national and local prizes. Some of her songs were written by the composer and poet Hassan Tidrin.

Mohamed VI hall witnessed an important growth in the number of the audience who came to attend the termination of the musical evening starring the famous singer Marcel Khalifa. After the dynamic rhythms of the artist Tamiri and group Twassen, the great Lebanese singer was warmly welcomed by the public. Accompanied by four musicians, Marcel Khalifa gratified assistance of his memorable songs: poems brought by a gentle voice and accompanied by the nostalgic melody of the lute. He sang his famous classic symbol of an entire generation, and demonstrated the continuity of his creativity with new songs that remain in the register of a refined and committed art.


This report was accomplished by Agraw team

Video: Miloud Ayadi
Photos: Adil Amghar & Bilal Bakkali
Article written by Hicham Boughaba

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