The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima – Third Day Report (July 30th )

The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima

The third day of The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima also witnessed a wonderful performance from the part of the participants. Mohamed VI hall received a huge audience which rocked the hall during the whole evening. This day was characterized by the participation of one of the bright names in the Amazigh popular music, in addition to some young and talented local and international artists who joined the evening to add to its culture of openness.

The first group to participate in this evening was Ithren n Arif, an old local group which started its artistic carrier in the late 90s. This music group presented some of its successful songs and attracted the attention of the public who echoed back the songs.

Again the idea of the openness of the Festival to other cultures and regions was represented by the performance of the Spanish group Flamingo de Almoniecar. This group consists of a number of young female dancers who came from Almoniecar to Al Hoceima to participate in the festival. They showed a great talent in dancing Flamingo to the tunes of some Spanish music which the public admired a lot.

Late in the evening, when the public got even larger, the final participation of the day was handled by one of the great names in the Amazigh song, namely Mimoun Rafroua. Mimoun is one of the famous leaders of the popular music in the Rif. He has started his carrier during the 80s, and has accumulated almost 20 albums. He treats different subjects in his songs, like immigration, the situation of women in the traditions of the Rif; he also sings about the Mother and about many other social issues. Mimoun Rafroua was warmly welcomed by the public to the extent that he could not leave the stage at the end. He played some of his most memorable songs: A Yemma Ino, Allah Ihanik, Thathbath Thashamrash andmany others.


This report was accomplished by Agraw team
Video: Miloud Ayadi
Photos: Adil Amghar
Article written by Hicham Boughaba

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