Tamurghi: Where has all goodness gone?

Tamurghi: Where has all goodness gone?

The Rif troupe of Amazigh theatre that knows continuous success presented for the audience of Ait-Buayach the new play “Tamurghi”, or the grasshoppers migrating in swarms and destroying all the plants and crops.

Behind the imposing title “Tamurghi”, there is a pealing voice of a thoughtful and a creative playwright, Ahmed Zahid. The whole members of the troupe cooperated to present a special theatrical show taking you in an expressional and emotional journey enlightening periods, events and forgotten men of our fractured memory.

In a quartet of thematically related scenes, the director, actors and actresses demonstrate a historical perspective and a theatrical versatility referring to the central themes of the play “Identity & Land” by telling the story of a very authentic Rifian man “Addenbi” who find himself in a position where he is faced to accept the fact that he is the man who had admired and looked up to be a madman.

“Tamurghi”, a quasi-autobiographical play with a critical vision discarding the weighty historical view with its cumbersome heritage of tendencies, influences and periods with epical and ritualistic performance of actors and actresses with splendour decoration and a fashioned atmosphere with artistic style.

The Rif Troupe of Amazigh Theatre presented a creative play through the biography of “Addenbi”; the man is known of his cordial and shining presence, his superb intelligence and his good nature that always over lasts even his social endurance that made him to cross the valleys and hills of mountainous Rif to tell his incomprehensive wisdom and to warn people of the coming tragedy.

Photos from the play “Tamurghi”:

Written by Sabri EL HAMMAOUI

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