Taziri Tamiri, or the story of a wretched people

Taziri Tamiri

On the 22nd November 2007 the ASSAM Troupe of the Amazigh Theatre performed “TAZIRI TAMIRI”, an unprecedented masterpiece. This was held by the Amazigh Association MASSINISSA in Tanger.
The play is about a tragic love story which occurs in an unmerciful space, where everybody is fighting to survive. Tamiri is the spotlight in the play. She is the Goddess who symbolizes love, life and continuity.
Tamiri died because she feels that she can never ever achieve her ultimate goal which is marriage. With the death of (Mezyan), Tamiri dies because she found herself in dilemma. All her dreams faded away. The striking point in the play is the arrival of (Mezyan) from the civil war in Spain. He in turn, is struck with the death of Tamiri. He knows that she dies for his sake. He is completely depressed but he has nothing to do in the face of these harsh circumstances.

The other facet of the play reflects the damage that war causes to the characters. War for them symbolizes evil because it has stolen Tamiri. On the other hand, Civil War in Spain can be considered as a sort of vengeance on those Rifians who participated in war. They fight against on unknown enemy for no specific reasons. In fact, those who plough evil reap it, or as IDIR said, “Wen Iza3en di lebher ma ighir ad imjer”.


Written by Sabri EL HAMMAOUI & Kamal BALIDO

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