Tamiri, a new female singer is born


With a profound and gorgeous voice, a young female star, Tamiri, has appeared in the world of the Amazigh song in the recent years. This Rifian artist has been appeared for the first time in the famous theater play that commemorates the unforgettable history event of Rif, Dhar Oubaran. Supported by the Rifian singer Massin, she always had the courage to sing on the stage, which lead her to launch her first single album called “Ssend� of a nostalgia without frontiers.
An artist who approaches Celtic styles, folk and samba, mixing electric and acoustic instruments with its monotonous chants and pure voice…Ssend, her first album, reflects another face and another voice of Rif. This album has been created when Tamiri knew how to work well with the prominent Rifian artist Hassan Thidrin. All this put it at the service of a regular and conscious music, a music of roots and messages, through which it is addressed to the world.

Indeed, this album is considered to be a good example of what is the Amazigh melody made of. A melody that is rich of its inter-breeding and openness to the world. Tamiri has never been made but force its destiny…throughout this generous and colored album, her voice flies away and remains sure, subtle and beyond the real words. It is a universal music; a music which strikes in full heart.

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