Said Zerouali Releases a New Album

Said Zerouali Releases a New Album

Said Zerwali, a young talented singer from Berkane, has recently emerged in the world of the Amazigh music. He has just released his second album ‘Ruh a Memmi’ (Go! my Son?). This new album is a composition of songs that touch different topics, such as Love, freedom, and social issues. “This second album is a fruit of many years of work” Says Said. ‘Ruh a Memmi’ is expected to be available in the markets very soon.

Said’s first contact with music was in his early childhood. He played music with his friends in the streets of Berkane, where playing the guitar was very frequent in this small Mediterranean city. Said had published his first album ‘Mayemmi’ two years ago. ‘Mayemmi’ was a successful start for this young talented Amazigh artist who’s ambitious is immense.

The following are the songs of this new album:

• Ayur (H.Kissami)
• Ruh Amemm (H.Kissami & Said)
• Ruchayid (K.Harfouf)
• Bla Chem (Said)
• Awid Zamr (Said)
• Thit inu (K.Harfouf)

Album Demo

Bla Chem:




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  1. mohammed says:

    ca va ba said ntmana lik lmazid men taalou9 f majal diyalak ntmana lik masira mowafa9a charaftt b la chonson amazigh w ass berkane merci abouchiar mohammed

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