Amazighy-Hispano Music

Amazighy-Hispano Music

From 800 to 1400 Islamic Spain was home to a variety of people, religions and cultures, who coexisted in unprecedented harmony and solidarity. We can truly say that this period was an era of enlightenment with scientists, philosophers and artists as the intellectual centre.
Spain was ruled by a tolerant sovereign who allowed freedom of movement, speech and religion. The result was a beautiful cultural mosaic of which music formed an integral part.
Arabs, Persians, Jews, Berbers (Imazighen) and the native population were all important participants in this Spanish/Islamic civilisation. Naturally this reality was also reflected in the music of that time. To this day the various musical traditions show traces of mutual influences. It also shows how diverse, yet harmonious and glorious that era was.

Imetlaâ is a Dutch/Amazigh music group which looks for dialogue, durable tolerance and harmony. Using their artistic views and their principles as a cosmopolitan group, Imetlaâ brings together beautiful old styles and so contributes to building bridges, especially now the climate in the world has become hard and unfriendly. Their repertoire connects easily with flamenco music. Although Imetlaâ uses crossovers with latin-, rock-, funk- and dance music, they do so with respect for their own traditional Amazigh music from the Rif (North Morocco).

NL Mundo is a Dutch/Spanish flamenco group which approaches flamenco from its own cultural history. Its music is influenced by jazz-, blues-, pop- and world music. But as diverse as the music of NL Mundo is, it remains within the flamenco tradition.

With their project Imetlaâ & NL Mundo want to focus attention to Amazigh-Hispano music. Starting point is what they have in common. From there they go back in time to the days of an unprecedented harmonious Islamic Spain, where things could be achieved in a peaceful manner. We now look back with nostalgia to a time when people from various races and religions could work together to create a miraculous civilisation.

Although Arabo-Andalusian concerts are not uncommon in the Netherlands and Belgium, a performance with Amazigh (Berbers) however is very special.
For this Amazigh-Andalusian concert five musicians from Imetlaâ and four from NL Mundo combine their talents. The result is a unique mix from Amazigh and Andalusian sounds and rhythms, enriched with the splendid voice of singer Erminia Fernández Córdoba.

Imetlaâ consists of:
Mohamed Allati (acoustic guitar and vocals)
Mustafa Ahrouch (adjun and vocals)
Karim Haddouch (percussion and backing vocals)
Mohamed Yousif (flute)
Hakim Chanane (lute and vocals)

NL Mundo consists of:
Arturo Ramón (guitar)
Erminia Fernández Córdoba (vocals)
Udo Demandt (percussion)
Johan Frauenfelder (guitar and bass guitar).

Sound technique by Richard Bron
Mixed at Tuti Studio by Arturo Ramón

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