Imetlaa new album presentation: Flamenco & Izran

Imetlaa new album presentation: Flamenco & Izran

After a very successful row of concerts in the title of an Amazigh-Andalucian project that took place in Belgium and The Netherlands. Imetlaa and the flamenco group NL Mundo are proud to announce a new live Album. This Album lets ancient Izran, the heart of the oral Amazigh culture in the Rif, melt away with the impressive sound and voice of the Flamenco. That is why the title: Izran & Flamenco
This unique Amazigh-Andalucian project is a musical search of two harmonious styles, full of wonderful lyrical melodies and firing passions, searching for the point of contact which leads to the roots of Moors Spain. A search for the musical culture in the times of Andalucia blooming period where different tribes and cultures added their contribution, particularly the Amazigh people.

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Meer info: Tijdstip: 20:30
Lokatie: Korzo Theater
Prinsestraat 42
2513 CE Den Haag
Tel.: 070-3637540
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