Moussem Festival – Twattoun & Djur Djura

Moussem Festival

Moussem organizes two festivals yearly: the ‘Moussem Festival’ (May) and the ‘Moussem Festival� (November).
Diversity and quality are the key features in our artistic policy plan. Within each genre, we search for intrinsic quality, within the art disciplines.
The first Moussem Festival was launched in May 2001. Meanwhile we are up to the sixth edition of the festival. Moussem Festival is a multidisciplinary festival of the arts, focussing on Morocco and North-Africa. With special attention for the Amazigh culture. It is our intention to offer a wide range of art disciplines that may appeal to a large and diverse audience…

In below the activities of Moussem 2006 which are related to the Amazigh culture.

Saturday 20/05, Zuiderpershuis Antwerp
19:00 h

Twattoun with Ahmed Ikabouren, Ridouan Zahir, Abdelhak Akandouch en Boujeman Azahaf and Djura.

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Saturday 27/05, Cultural Center Berchem
17:00 h
Dialogue around identities with:
Sami Zemni and Abderrahman El Aissati
And the movies:
“Mijn stad� (my city), film maker Ingeborg Janssens
“Koningskinderen� (children of the king), film maker Els Dietvorst

20:30 h

“Amar speelt ALI� (Amar play-acts ALI) theatre with Amar El Ajjouri

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