2nd edition of the Mediterranean Amazigh Festival of Tangier

Festival of Tangier

To celebrate the Amazighity in Tangier, for the second consecutive year, is not the fruit of chance but the expression of reconciliation between the various cultural components of this city, anchored in the African and Mediterranean civilizations where they meet without confronting tradition and modernity.
During the first edition of the Mediterranean festival of the Amazigh culture in the summer of 2005, Tangier lived at the amazigh ancestral rhythms of which the roots are African. The success of this event consolidates association TOUIZA in its will to proceed in this way to consolidate the bases this again come in the cultural landscape from this city, crossroads of African and Mediterranean civilizations.

Our sincere belief with the nobility of the authentic values amazighes are the essential engine of the celebration of the benefits of this national culture, with the African and Mediterranean roots. The conviction of our association of the utility of the values amazighes in the consolidation of fabric of the common values and the reinforcement of national cohesion, is at the origin of the choice of the topic of the second edition of the festival of the culture amazighe, namely: To celebrate the amazighity: to consolidate the values of citizenship and cohabitation.

The celebration, for the Mediterranean ones, it is to pay homage in an excessive way. And our exaggerated celebration of the amazighity is a means of leaving it exclusion, the marginalisation and the repression whose it is the object. There is only to look at our urban spaces which cover with a black veil the culture, the identity and the features amazighs. And the softest means to take off this veil is to be excessive in the homage paid to the amazighity. to make it visible and to leave it the lapse of memory. The celebration it is the life and the veil the negation.

The Mediterranean festival of the culture amazighe of Tangier celebrates the amazighity with the firm will to give again life to him and to consolidate the spirit of citizenship and national cohesion. Like the secular cultures and civilizations, the amazighity is carrying values of coexistence and co-operation. And to one moment when the world knows cultural confrontations and shocks, religious and identity, the values amazighes contribute to the reconciliation of the belligerents and the pacification of the spirits.

Apart from the objectives of a cultural nature, social and economic of the Mediterranean festival of the culture amazighe of Tangier, announced during the 1ère edition of the summer 2005, association TOUIZA aspires, by organizing this great cultural event, to fill a noble duty, namely the consolidation of the values of citizenship and membership of the nation. However, one cannot conceive the citizenship without national identity. The spirit of citizenship is reinforced by recognizing all the components of the national identity. The more the citizen is recognized in his identity, plus his citizenship and its pride of national membership is reinforced. The attachment of the Moroccans to the identity amazighe like fundamental component of the Moroccan culture is the best means to consolidate the values of citizenship and social cohesion.

Our celebration of the amazighity is also an assertion of the important place of the values amazighes in the universal scale of values. With the risk to treat the culture like goods, preached by holding of the globalisation, and which is likely to lead to the formatting, even to the disappearance of the other identities and characteristics, ancestral cultures and identities, like the amazighity, play a paramount part in resistance to this will of influence and domination.

In this atmosphere of wills of unilateral domination, the celebration of the amazighity is a pledge of the safeguarding of plurality, right to the difference and of cohabitation between the various cultures apart from any spirit of domination, exclusion or influence.

Les Bureau Executif du festival

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