Khalid Izri Concert in Al hoceima

Khalid Izri Concert in Al hoceima

The first day of august of this year was a special day in Al Hoceima festival for this year. With an open arm Al Hoceima, the Perl of the Mediterranean hosted our giant Rifian artist Khalid Izri. There were two other bands that participated in this concert, which are Aziz Amerdas & Fattah Band and Thwiza. Khalid izri came without his band he played the guitar, harmonic, Flute and sang some of his famous songs. The spectators played the rule of the band with applauses and choir.

About Khalid izri:

Khalid Izri is the most prominent artist in Arif he started singing when he was at the age of six. His first interaction with Amazigh music was then in 1977 with the famous song of Idir “ Avava Inouva�, after that he started to work for Amazigh Music. He published his first album in 1988 “ Thamuth Inou� and then Izri inou in 1990, after that in 1992 the famous album with saida Titrit “ Mayemmi� finally the most successful album “ Thaqassist Inou� in 1999. Ringht now izri is working for a new album that will be published next year as he expects.

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