Thidrin band performing in Al Hoceima on July 28, 2005

Thidrin band

Thidrin is an Amazigh word that means wheats in English. Thidrin is one of the oldest bands in modern Amazigh music: They started in Arif with the founder Hassan Thidrin in the seventies and then moved to the Netherlands, where the band expanded to include more members as well as more instruments. Thidrin is seen to be as a world music band and their music bears influence not only from Amazigh music of North Africa, but also the folk music of Northern Algeria, Spain, South America and Africa, as well as various folk, pop and rock styles from the seventies onwards.

Thidrin have published their first CD titled “Mohend Amakranâ€? The title is Tamazight for “Abdelkarim Alkhattabi”. Third of the band lyrics is written by Mohammed (a member of the band). Mohammed is also a poet and painter as well as musician and singer.

Thidrin concert in Al Hoceima was a successful one. It s the first time that the whole band playing a live concert in Alhoceima, Which is the home of most of the musicians in the band. The people of Al hoceima welcomed Thidrin warmly and encouraged them for the special music they make, especially that it is sang in Tamazight.

The End of the performance.

Photos: Billal El Bakkali

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