MVTKS celebrates its 20th anniversary

MVTKS celebrates its 20th anniversary

MVTKS (Moroccan Association for Tamazight Culture and Social) celebrates its 20th anniversary on the 28th of April, 2012 in Frankfurt. The association was founded in 1992, and since then, it carried the burden of promoting the Amazigh culture & language in Germany.

Several Amazigh stars are invited to celebrates two decades of hard work for a culture that has been marginalized even in its home land. Ithran, Yuba, Afdjah and Amjahed an emergin artist from germany. In addition to Music, Mohammed El Kadiri is also going to participate with some of his poems.



Tickets Location of the event:

  • Opening: 17:00 h
  • Start time: 18:00 h
  • Location: SAALBAU Titus-Forum, Walter-Moeller-Platz 2, im Nordwestzentrum, 60439 Frankfurt am Main
  • Ticket Fee: 19 €
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