Idir to perform at Mawazine festival 2011

Idir is to perform at Mawazine festival on May 26th, 2011

Idir is invited to perform at Mawazine festival in its 10th anniversary.. The artist is going to present the Amazigh music at this international event. Mawazine proved its success throughout all the past editions especially the 9th one which featured internationally nominated artists such as Sting, Elton John, Santana, Al Jarreau, BB King, Julio Iglesias, Mika and Harry Connick Jr, who were all invited last year.

The concert of Idir is going to take place on the 26th may, 2010. Idir was born in 1949 at Ait Lahcene an Amazigh village in Haute-Kabylia. IDIR’s real name is Hamid Cheriet. This farmer’s son started studying Geology and was destined for a career in the petroleum industry before his rise to stardom. Idir has been the ambassador of the Kabyle culture, especially the Kabyle music, with only his vocals and acoustic guitar. Idir has always used his status to claim his Berber (Amazigh) identity. His first album “A Vava inouva” came out in 1976, and the song “A Vava inouva” was translated into seven languages. After notable success, Idir wrote and recorded his second album “Ay Arrac Negh” (to our children) in 1979.

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  1. rida says:

    but The Mawazine’s website didn’t claimed that he will perfom in Mawazine 2011 !!

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