Documentary Film: “Rif 1921, a Forgotten history”

"Rif, una historia olvidada" by Manuel Horrillo

Maison des Cultures of Brussels invites you to the film “Rif, una historia olvidada” directed by Manuel Horrillo on Thursday, September 30 at 19:00h.

“Rif, una historia olvidada” or ” Rif, a forgotten history” is a documentary film that traces the history of chemical warfare against the people of the Rif.

At the beginning of the 20th century,  Spain and France fought against the Rif resistance in a devastating war. That war was removed from our memories, but today, 86 years later, the injustice of that tragedy is still present. That is why we have rescued the voices and faces of the combatants from oblivion and are offering an up-dated view of the story, in order to continue building peace and a future between two neighboring countries.
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  1. fatima says:

    i feel we shouldn=t forgive just as jews will not forget or forgive their genocide …………….there will never be peace until these countries pay a huge sum of money to repay the families and in shara high number cancer cases there ref polissario……….

  2. Mounir says:

    Als onze voorouders niets hadden gedaan dan was er nu geen sprake van Marokko of de islam, onze doden gaan als strijders
    naar de Hemel. en jullie doden naar de hel. ze wilden onze land bezetten, maar Mannen als Abdelkrim de vrijheidstrijder,hebben hun weggejaagd met sikkels en een tactische plan. het is hun met al hun wapens en tanks niet gelukt.Vergeet onze voorouders niet. De helden!!

  3. a9r3i says:

    Lfilma aqqath ghari mara thekhssamt athidh kidwen schachagh

    I have this documenraty in Original Language (Spanish), If You want to it, I can Upload it on Peer-to-peer Network

  4. kalimero says:

    la guerre de rif et la 1er guerre technique du monde entier et c’été pour défendre le territoire rif pas pour attaqué le territoire espagnole autant que le historiens espagnole ne dis pas toute la vérité a propos de cette guerre parsque il met de la poudre sur les yeux et tout a fais contradictoire avec l’histoire en réalité malheureusement nous voulons la vrai histoire pas l’histoire de ces 3 historiens espagnoles … ego-este

  5. Nona Mills says:

    azul khak athawmat, mara thechsed schach akide lfilma yekmer. thanemerth omasch

  6. karim says:

    oma schach sakayd film anni ikmar t9adach

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