The Nekor Mediterranean Festival of Theater in Al Hoceima

The Nekor Mediterranean Festival of Theater in Al Hoceima

For the first time in Al Hoceima, Thifswin Association takes the initiative to organize a festival of theater: The Nekor Mediterranean Festival of Theater. In its first Edition, the festival puts a spotlight on an important number of artists and musicians. The program of the festival did not consist of theater only, but it included other activities such as: Cinéma, Music, and Conferences. The festival brings artists that belong to different cultural and geographical spots together to celebrate their cultural belonging through their artistic creations.
The festival included a range of prominent theater groups from Sale, Tiznit, Nador, Tetouan and Al Hoceima. In addition to that, Tifyur and Karim EL MARSSI contributed to the success of the festival by playing their tubes on the last day of the festival. For the first time in Al Hoceima, Thaziri production projected some of its short films (Marriage à la plage, Sellam et Démitan, Kif Kif) and a Video clip by Ufrin EZZERWALI: Thaziri Thamiri.

The First Day

As expected, the opening day of the festival went all well. “Taslit n Uzru” (A bride in Stone) was programmed on the first day; the play drew a large number of the audience. “Taslit n Uzru” is considered to be among the most successful Rifian plays at the national level. It participated in many occasions inside and outside Al-hoceima.

Adam group for artistic production presented its new play “Biladi”, which sheds the lights on immigration and its consequences. The famous Moroccan actors Abdelkarim RGAGNA and Said BAY did an excellent job in this play.

The Second Day

The success of the first day drew huge crowds of audience on the second day of the festival. Apolyos Group for Theater from Nador performed “Tasirt”, a play that deals with the problem of identity and the conflicts that one would face in searching for his identity in today’s world that is bombarded by globalization and occupation of other cultures. Said EL MASSI, the director of the play made an excellent job in interpreting the story that is written by Mohamed BOUZAGGOU.

Amazigh Association for theater from Holland performed its new play “Tamettut”, a story about Women rights, and the search of women for equality with men. Fadma EL WARIACHI was the only actress on stage that performed this play alongside with some toys in the shape of women.

The third day

”Omlil Doskan”, is an excellent play by a group of young actors from Tiznit. The story of the play is about the conflict of the white and the black in their daily life (racism). The story included also a woman that interferes between them. Each one of them tried his best to get her love. But the end was a tragedy for everyone.

“La Nuit le Noir” was the last play in this festival. It was performed by a group from Tetouan. The story of the play took all its scenes in the dark. It is a story about tragedy.

Last Day

The last day of the festival was dedicated to the films of Mohammed Amin (Marriage à la plage, Sellam et Démitan, Kif Kif). Sellam et Démitan was the most excellent film that amazed everyone in the audience. The story of the film takes place in a village in Arif. This short film got the prize of journalists and got the prize of the best scenario in the last festival of Moroccan films in Tangier.A video clip by Ufrin EZZERWALI, entitled Thaziri Thamiri was also presented by THAZIRI production.

Tifyur, the lovely and golden voice of a yong girl from Arif alog with her guitarist Aziz Amedas sang her famous songs such as, Tafuyt, Molay Mohand and Rhanni. Her nice and harmonious songs made of the ending of festival a special one. Almost everybody got to sing with her, this shows how her music attracted the audience’s attention and care.

Karim EL MARSSI, new promising artist in the Amazigh music, a singer from the neighbouring city Nador. The public met this new artist with a great and warm welcome. It was clear from his music that Karim is an artist who is attached to his civilization al and cultural ties, which his music does not escape at all. Like most of the artists of the Rif, Karim’s preferable issues are freedom, earth and love. Most of the songs he played reflected these social issues. The festival ended by a duet between Karim EL AMRSSI and Tifyur. They sang the famous hit “Tabrat”. a nice melodic song which the public loved a lot. Karim EL MARSSI comes to enrich the Amazigh musical heritage with his fine tunes.

Photos of the festival

Written by Mohammed Bounda
Photos by Miloud Ayadi & Adil AMGHAR

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