“One Way Ticket”, a new Amazigh Short Film

Zakaria Bakkali

“One Way Ticket” is a short film about an Amazigh who arrives to Brussels for the first time and then he finds himself confronted with two different world that are separated by just one street. The film was directed by Zakaria Bakkali in collaboration with the operator Diedrick Degryse, the sound engineer Julien Chassaignon and was edited by Jerome Guiot ( a student at Brussels Institute of Cinema INRACI ).The film was produced by Issouraf in Brussels. “One Way Ticket” features a set of prominent actors such as Said Saidi, Maria Castillejo, Ines Mayol-Hernandes and Khalid. The filming of the “One Way Ticket” took place on November 24th in Brussels and it will be broad casted in the festivals of the short film in France and Belgium.



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