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There are countries which after interior tearings (political, linguistic, cultural and social) quickly understood that the solution to live in peace and harmony, was regional autonomy. And so its application posed any problem, neither with the authorities, nor with the areas concerned, which besides go only better and live their statute peacefully. If, at home in Kabylia and Algeria, this concept of regional autonomy is badly perceived and badly assimilated, it is for two main reasons. Initially, an amalgam knowingly maintained by those who adverse with this idea which would put in danger the survival of their respective political party in the area and, therefore, their hopes of leadership. They thus make believe to those which listen to them that the autonomists want the independence of Kabylie, the division of the country and other twaddle.

Then, through all the meetings, conferences and debates organized by the MAK some questions return as a leitmotiv in the mouth of the speakers:
What will we eat?
From what will we live?
Would we give up our oil share in Algeria?

What to say, what to think, what to answer to these completely sincere people, apparently more worried by questions of a food nature that by the future of their region, their people and their own children? Where is the legendary dignity of Kabyle which, as the oak, prefers to break that to fold? What became the slogans “ulac smah oulac, anerrez wala aneknou, nukni dimazighen ur netruz a nekennou?” etc….

We, therefore, will try to bring some brief replies to their questionings of an immediate nature and will hope to convince those which want to be it.

If not we brought small more economic argumentation useful to those which still hesitate to engage in the fight for a cause noble and right: that to exist and to affirm themselves freely. Between militating for tangible properties, personal and glory, and militating for an ideal, an identity, a personality, our choice is quickly made and we say high and strong that no reason, was it of subsistence does not justify to remain pledged with a mafiosy caste, a politico-military cartel or any barbarian and regressive ideology clique.

Let us start with oil, principal recurring question: are there really still people who believe living on the incomes of oil? Not many, but servants, henchmen of the authorities and those which are unaware of the reality of the facts. Otherwise everyone will have understood that the oil benefits goes everywhere in Algeria, abroad, but not in Kabylia. And that this providence eternally continues to fill the paunches ever unsatisfied.

Our grandparents and great-grandparents did not know oil. They were strong, proud, lived in autarky but free. Poor but dignified. They had taught us the art of living always free and worthy and to count only on ourself, which some forgot to do. And then oil is not eternal, it will disappear in 20-25 years maximum, and perhaps, replaced quite earlyer by another alternative source of energy. All the countries depending on oil are looking for the solutions of replacement. With an oil barrel at 70$, tomorrow perhaps at 100$, this research is in range of their budgets. What would be then the future of Kabylia in 40-50 years? Those which will have been side by side with the murdering autorities, will have perhaps ensured their future and their children s one in the shame and the opprobrium. Didn t they applauded all the governments, all the presidents, all the drifts, all the massacres, all the injustices, for only to eat in the mess kit of the autorities?. Inadmissible option.

About the taxes

Everyone knows well that Tizi-ouzou and Vgayet are both Wilaya most strongly taxed in the all country, being regarded as rich. One would have agreed to be it, but actually we are poorest. Our richness lies in our people, their intelligence and their values of freedom, democracy and dignity. While keeping for them only half of the taxes recovered by these two Wilaya, they could already start and make function all their common institutions which will reinforce kabylian spaces of the wilaya (county) of Jijel, Sétif, Bordj Bou-Arreridj and Boumerdes.

It is useful to specify that autonomy will not be made in a day and that a bill book will be set up after negotiations with the central State as for its disengagement of the area. This disengagement will be done gradually and gradually in the sector of security, economic, sociocultural… etc

Other perennial potentialities and considerable and durable sources of income

cork: an enormous forest of cork oak extends from Ziama Mansouriah to Dellys, thousands of hectares disused or straightforwardly in a wild state. The gendarmes and soldiers often put fire under pretext to flush out the terrorists who hide there. Cork is rare in the world and those which have it, benefit very great from it. By exploiting in an optimal way this cork, Kabylia can draw each year, some million dollars and that for life! Inexhaustible, easily exportable, much in demand in viticultural industries and the construction industries (insulation).

tourism: the kabylian population has always been hospitabel, open to all the cultures, nations and languages of the world, as it always courteously accomodated the foreign visitors. Kabylia could even live only on tourism. In addition to the considerable contribution in cash which it generates it is necessary to point out all the economy which develops in its wake: craft industry, excursions, trade restoration and hotel trade, travel agencies, tour operators, cultural exchanges, transport… etc. The more so as the kabylian community (better speaking about people) enjoys an excellent reputation of seriousness, peace and splendid mountainous sites.

foreign investments: many European companies or others, burdened by heavy loads (tax, wage) prefer to delocalize, even if it means going at the end of the world in the search of country where the expenditure is less crushing, to be more competitive in the field of the prices and thus to reinforce or keep their row on an international scale. Kabylia, by offering guarantees to the foreign investors, could become a great international industrial development area. For that Kabylia will offer grounds at moderate prices for their installation as well as tax profit-sharings. Our goal being simply to create hundreds of thousands of employment, for our young people who complain about unemployment and flee abroad as soon as they can. The creation of jobs is thus the first priority.

Water: Kabylie, spoiled well by nature and its specific geography, profits from a rather constant consequent watering and a snowing up. What the authorities of Algiers understood well and it is in our area that they came to seek the water which it missed in other large cities: Algiers fed out of drinking water by the Taksebts dam, or Sétif by the Bouhamzas dam, and others. These dams do not profit, alas, to the areas where they were built. These dams and others to realize could, not only feed out of drinking water Kabylia but thus put a term at the obsession of the dry taps, or with the image of the woman kabyle going down to the fountain, its jug on the head (or its jerry can, it is according to). But more especially to sprinkle fields and gardens, olive groves and figueraies which will give a profusion of fruit and vegetables, cereals and fodder. That would have a direct incidence on the prices in the markets of the area, while offering more than the request. Because family self-sufficiency will cause a drop in the tension on the markets and the produced surplus will be put at sale, and even exported. Dams exist, other ones will be built to retain all this holy water sent by the sky and the surplus could be charged to the other cities or interested villages.

Fishing: from Dellys to Ziama-Mansouria, it is not less than 300 km of Mediterranean coast. Beaches with fine sand, turistic sites, ports and seaside resorts, fishing ports, oil port (Béjaïa), canning facility and fishing industries existing and to create. Thousands of employment in prospect and inexhaustible richnesses.

olive oil: it is a rare and very required food product. An excellent export opportunity. The market of the olive oil is currently monopolized by Tunisia, Italy, Greece and Spain. Kabylia could fit in this carrying crenel and make itself an honourable place among the quoted countries, once the olive groves sprinkled well with our dams and maintained well by our olive growers.

If oil is not located in kabylia s ground, the principal source of electric energy, is located in Kabylia, source of important incomes and also, a weapon of dialogue against the blackmail, a weapon of defense. Our electricity goes to Morocco and to Tunisia.

Kabylie is rich of potentialities, inexhaustible natural resources. The ideas are there, the capable men to carry them out too. In fact the richnesses doesn t create the people, but people creates the richnesses. People born in opulence are less inclined to the rupture with an established order, which offers all to them, that those born in the material and intellectual need; and due! They are happy.
Thus much of countries wich do not have an oil drop are developed and their people freer than those which have some. It is even allowed that in the Third World oil is more a calamity for the freedom of the people than a weapon at the service of their development.

In Kabylia everyone wishes a radical change but a good fringe of the society is mistaken in the way which is however there, within reach: It is called regional autonomy. It would be enough to reconsider its ideological referents to realize it. It would be enough to join the rows of autonomous Kabylia which, by the way, is regularly growing with devoted and sincere militants to the kabylian cause. It is not anymore about to commit itself sharing the power at the top of the Algerian State with the torturers of our children but to guarantee to the kabylians generations to come, a life of freedom and blooming, able to propel them to the row of the nations which build a world of solidarity and respect of the human life. Kabylia has an urgency to break with the centralised design of the State, arabo-Islamism and the defenders of the religious integrism, for better sitting a society of peace, freedom, democracy and justice on its territory.

Long life to free, democratic and autonomous Kabylia!

Meziane AMARA.


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