International festival of Amazigh music & others


izri-idir-parisThe international festival of Amazigh music and others is an initiative started by Berber TV. This first edition aims to bring artists from different parts of north Africa, such as the Rif, Kabylia, Libya, Atlas mountains and other regions for the hope to open the borders among them as they have been separated for centuries.

Khalid Izri along with the pioneer of Amazigh music Idir and Dania ben Sassi from Libya  and other artists are going to perform live concerts in Parc Floral de Paris on the 28th and 29th of september, 2013.

A press conference was organized on the 24th of September by the project initiators, namely Berber Television represented byits founder Mohamed Saadi. Two important figures in the Amazigh music, were also present, Idir from Kabylia, Algeria and Khalid Izri for from Rif, Morocco.

For Mohamed Saadi the founder of the project “I woke up through the songs of Idir in the 1970s, when I was a youngster in Algiers.”

Music is always universal. For me personally music gives me my dignity and privacy. Music can unite us in Tamazgha and North Africa, as it was the case in the 1970s, ”

For Idir “we have reached a significant level. Mentally, we are in the process of breaking the boundaries “and the singer continued his speech:” The Amazigh case is under threat, and through music, we always try to resist the emotional ideologies that attempt to unify us under a different identity. And also say that music brings us together and artists are always right. ”






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