The 8th Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima


festival-alhoceima-13The city of Al Hoceima will host its 8th Mediterranean festival that is organized by Rif
Association of Solidarity and Development (ARID) and it will take place from 12 to 17, August 2013.  This event will raise the slogan “Culture as a booster for development”.

The aim of this Festival is to promote tolerance and co-existence. It also aims at prompting economic and tourism sections of the region. As well as giving a chance to the population of the city and its visitors to discover the Mediterranean culture.

Mohammed VI Square will host mega and dividers concerts featuring artists from the Mediterranean    basin and other countries.

This edition is featured by the prominent Amazigh music artists including the legend of Rif Khalid Izri, Thidrin and Kateb Amazigh from Algeria, Tifyur, Noumidia, Agraf, Syphax and Rif Experience from Al Hoceima.  For the second time the Algerian king of Rai Cheb Khaled will perform on stage. The festival will pay tribute to the pioneers of Moroccan music Nas Lghiwan .

In addition, Al Hoceima will host artists and singers from different international countries like Georgia, Spain, France, Belgium and Nederland.

Other activities like seminars, symposiums of hand crafts will be organized in parallel with the festival.




















by Aissam El Hani

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  • Juan Noguera

    Dear people, great such a festival. Can anyone tell us who is organizing, because maybe it is a nice idea to have Juan Noguera y Band at the festival one day. Our piano player is Fatima who has amazigh roots. Our music is world music with the lead singer from Colombia.
    Greetings, Juan Noguera y Band

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Nich

    Ayetma, soyetma min iteg “Khalid Awessar” (–> Cheb Khalid) dhi Lhocima ? azrem xas aqa i3iyyeq dhi korchi mnadhem nni

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