SOLEI-MAN, a film by Mohamed El Badaoui

SOLEI-MAN, a film by Mohamed El Badaoui

Soleiman is a fisherman in an isolated island in northern Morocco (Al Hoceima). He lives with his wife, Aisha, and his son, Ismael who is sick with cancer.  Soleiman and Aicha are in love and form a happy family… until one day Eva appears, and is captivated by Soleiman. Overtaken by jealousy  Eric puts an end to their romantic vacations, leaving Eva behind and taking with him her passport and the rest of her possessions  Now, more than ever, Eva will need Soleiman´s presence. Gradually, Soleiman falls in love with Eva, disengages from his wife and starts drifting away from his son who is about to die. Aisha is unsettled and concerned by Eva´s sudden and unjustified presence, causing marital conflicts with Soleiman. Despite this, Aisha makes an effort to keep her marriage alive for the sake of her son, who needs his father at this critical point in his life. Its a dramatic story of jealousy, love and deceits that only lead to hell.

Director’s notes

SOLEI-MAN plays with the psychological traumas that love and death induce in the mind of a devoted mother and wife. The story develops in an isolated home, far away from any hospital or any urban life. Its a film where images predominate over dialogues as means of expression. A great number of medium shots and close-up are used in order to observe and focus on the characters’ reactions under extreme circumstances. It is a story that not unintentionally makes you think and draw your own conclusions and considerations over the subjects of love, death and all the other ingredients life is made of.


We talk about two kinds of love: The love of a mother for her child, unconditional, powerful and strong, capable of surpassing any obstacle in its way. And another kind of love; the possessive love of Soleiman and Eva, that can only bring jealousy and conflict.


The mother expresses what she feels towards her youngest son who is dying of cancer and the anguish of not being able to do anything about it. There are moments that show conflict and suffering just as the mother is living it.


The child not only brings the subject of cancer but also that of courage. He is able to enjoy his favorite chocolate cake, prepared by his mother, amongst terrible pains and concerns over death. He teaches us that the only way to fight death is to accept it… and the fear fades away. COOKING All Mediterranean countries have something in common; our love for food and cooking. We believe that eating healthy and delicious food can prevent and defeat any illness, diminish conflicts and encourage.

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