RIFANA album release party by UNISCO Club

RIFANA album relase party

In November the second, the UNISCO Club for the Protection of the Rifian Heritage has organized the party of signing the first album of the emerging band RIFANA. The new album is entitles “Texseghcem” (I Love You). This has happened in the presence of many artists and poets.

The president of the previously mentioned club has said that the party is organized in the honor of RIFANA as its songs meet up with the goals of the club. Also, he said that it has done a lot of efforts to develop this immaterial heritage that globalization is swiping away.

Additionally, the artist Allal Chileh considered the launching of the new album came in a time where the Rifian Music is witnessing a terrible silence and it will push it forward. Besides this, he pointed out that it is hard to give critics to the Album in general as every song needs to be given a particular consideration.

In the same way, the poet Mohamed Awik has considered the album as a lifeline to the Rifian music and it came in a period where serious songs have disappeared and exchanged with wedding songs.

Likewise, the artist Farid EL HAMDAOUI has pointed out that the band depended on its own resources to make this album that aims to allow the Rifians to rediscover their own heritage in order to protect it from disappearance.



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