Imetlaa collaborates with the divas of North Africa

Imetlaa new project: Musical collaboration with the divas of north African music

In the recent past Imetlaa has achieved a progressive success in various genres which came as a result of joint work with various bands. They have tackled the issue of Amazigh-Andalous music where they have dealt mainly with historical, cultural and musical similarities between Izran the songs of Rif and Flamenco of Spain.

Imetlaa had also worked on a second project called “Imetlaa bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary music” . This came as a collaboration with Tharwa N Shikh Mohend who are considered to be the only keepers of the traditional Rifian music and INtersection, a Dutch Amazigh band that sings in Dutch, Tamazight and English.

To keep their progressive success, this time Imetlaa has come up with a new project and a festival that is entitled “the female Voice of North African Origins”. They are going to perform with the talented Amsterdam Jazz singer Amina Dainan who tries for the first time singing North African songs. In addition, they are going to close the ceremony by performing with the legend of Rif music Milouda, who will come straight from Belgium especially for this event.

Imetlaa has worked together with the previously mentioned female artists in order to be dedicated to the North African woman in general and the Rifian woman in particular. The latter, is believed to be the transmitter and the fertilizer of Rifian cultural heritage from generation to another.

by Aissam EL HANI

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