Amazigh Studies Day in Mexico

Amazigh Studies Day in Mexico

The National School of Anthropology and History in the city of Mexico has announced that it will organize its second congress this year under the theme of “Language, literature, Resistance and the Social Movement of People of North Africa:  the Resistance and the Identity of the population of North Africa and Others”. The last year edition was a major success as that it has attracted many participants.

Ouajd Karkar, a Rifian from Igzennayen in the Central Rif of Morocco, is the professor who initiated this event to promote the Amazigh culture in this part of the world. He teaches Tarifit to many students and teachers, who showed much interest in this culture. That is why Mr. Ouajd and his wife Azul Ramírez were encouraged to prepare a course specializing in North African Anthropology.

Thanks to these professors, the people of Mexico are now aware about the fact that the indigenous of North Africa are Imazighen. The mission of the “Jornada de Estudios Amazigh” is to contribute to the recognition of the cultural and identity rights of Imazighen from all regions of the continent.

The program of this event is rich and varied. It will contain documentaries, music shows, and conferences. The full program is going to be announced later by the organizing committee.


by Aissam EL HANI

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