Rifana, a new breath for the Rifian Music

Rifana - Texsegh Cem

After several years of hard work in the dark, RIFANA has finally decided to take the initiative to come into the light with a new album that is full of the Rifian spirit. The choice of every single word in each song and the rhythms of the album “Texsegh cem”  have been wisely chosen by the artist; if that has something to tell it is the dedication of RIFANA for serving the Rifian culture. Rifana is the artistic name that Farid EL HAMDIOUI, along with his friend Ali ALLMAAKCHAOUI, has chosen to present this album which is an original work which will give a new breath to the Rifian music that has been severely damaged lately by the effects of globalization.

Every single song of the album is going to take you on a journey beyond time and space far away into the magic of the Rifian culture.


The following are some extracts of the album:

1- Izran

2- Texsegh Cem

3- Mayemmi Twaddar

4- Nec d Cem

5- Amziw n Tudart

6- Aseqqir

7- Azuyet

8- Tidet i Nessen

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