Khalid Izri to perform in the United States

Khalid Izri concets in the Unites States of America, April 2012

After having successfully promoted the Rifian music in Europe, Khalid Izri, for the first time in the career of the artist, is going to cross the Atlantic sea towards the United Stated in April 2012 to perform two concerts in Los Angeles and New York.

The concerts of Los Angeles are programmed in the fourth edition of the Los Angeles Amazigh Film Festival on the 21st and 22th of April, 2012. This event is organized by the Amazigh Cultural Association in America, (A.C.A.A.) and the Tazzla Institute for Cultural Diversity of Burbank, Ca.

The third concert will take place in the United Nations building  in New York on  at 5 p.m April 27th, 2012.

Culture, roots and identity are the key concepts in the songs of the Amazigh singer Khalid Izri. His impressive voice is devoted entirely to Berber traditions. He performs both gentle and powerful songs on such themes as immigration, the status of women and the contradictions in society, but at the same time he of course also defends his own Amazigh culture and condemns the injustices done to the Moroccan Berbers. Khalid Izri’s velvety voice and outstanding songs have given him almost mythical status in the Amazigh culture.

For more information about the upcoming concerts of Khalid Izri, please check the following link:

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  1. Amazigh says:

    The concert will be April 27th not the 26th at the UN building starting at 5pm, Khalid will be on stage with Babtist and Taziri , reservations are needed in advanced due to limited space.

  2. Agraw says:


    Thank you! The error has been corrected, What’s the name of Association that is organizing the concert of New York?

  3. Helene Hagan says:

    The United Nations concert is organized and presented by Tazzla Institute for Cultural Diversity, which founded the Los Angeles Amazigh Film Festival. It works in New York through its vice president, Shirley Chesney, United Nation representative for NGO Peace Action, and Habiba Boumlik, both Board Directors of the Institute. Each year, Tazzla Institute associates itself with other NGOs to present a cultural program under the Culture of Peace (UNESCO program) under the name of “Creating Peace Through the Arts and Media.” and has presented a number of Amazigh cultural events, films, speakers, cultural ambassadors for the Amazigh culture.

  4. ayyaw says:

    weten jullie misschien wanneer hij weer naar nederland komt

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