Rouicha has passed away

Mohamed Rouicha (1950 -2012)

The Amazigh famous star from the Atlas Mountains Mohamed Rouicha has passed away at the age of 60 in Khenifra after sufering from a long term illness.

The artist has contributed by his original melodies and poems played on Lotar in enriching the Amazigh music library.

This traditional instrument has crossed its local borders to be become a world known instrument thanks Mohamed Rouicha. From a simple amateur, Rouicha has become one of the few ambassadors of the Amazigh song in the world.

His music conquered Moroccans, North Africans and even Europeans. His songs, which address various topics such as love, peace, nature, women, family.

Our deepest condelences to the family and fans of Mohamed Rouicha.

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    Allah ira7mo …atir7am rabbi

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