The Amazigh stars have warmed up the sky of Nador

in this picture, Khalid Izri, Tarek Farih & Noumidia

As it was expected, the second edition of the Mediterranean festival of Nador has brought back the warmth to this beautiful Mediterranean city that has been always longing to hug its stars.  Khalid Izri concert has been the most appreciated along with Tarek Farih & Noumidia. What characterized this festival is also the dueto that was performed by Khalid Izri & Tarek Farih. Such initiatives are important in preparing the ground for the young talents.


The flowing are some of the moments we could catch with our lenses to share with you.

Photos by Miloud Ayadi


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  1. mohamed says:

    Thank you Agraw for this information. your website is the prism through which people will see part of Amazigh culture .Our Amazigh musicians , Izri among them, are our stars . let’s encourage them

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