Noumidia releases his third album


Noumidia has released his third album entitled yemma, which is now available in the markets. This album is a product of eight years of hard work. Mohammed El Allouchi, the group founder, said to that he is happy to share this album with his fans.

Noumidia is an Amazigh music group originating from the Rif, Al Hoceima. It was founded in 1994. Noumidia have released three so far. Their texts are focused on the Amazigh case, identity and culture, which are pervasively present throughout their music. Noumidia believe that participation in Festivals is a good thing for the Amazigh music, and thus they have participated in many national and international festivals where they have given a good image to the Amazigh music in general.

The following are some extracts from the album:

1- Yemma

Melody & lyrics by Mohammed El Allouchi

2- Izran

Melody & lyrics by Mohammed El Allouchi


3- Ahiyadh

Melody & lyrics by Mohammed El Allouchi


4- Ragnos

Melody & lyrics by Mohammed El Allouchi

5- Abdi  n Umazigh

Melody by Mohammed El Allouchi & Lyrics by Khalid El Mansouri

6- Amabar

Melody by Mohammed El Allouchi & Lyrics by Khalid El Mansouri

7- Yadjis n Tmuth inu

Melody & lyrics by Mohammed El Allouchi

8- Dacham

Melody & lyrics by Mohammed El Allouchi

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  • Miloud Ayadi


    Ayuz khighanijena sebhan swatas
    IZRAN dh YEMMA ina idhay yekhrab :)
    temanighak ijen IMAR dha Me9ran

    Tanemmirt temgha

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    azul na rabbi aghannij da sabhan attass sighi tirar athawmat

  • soufian B

    salam :)

    album isba7 swatass !!
    azough athsenthagh album ikmar, machi wasinagh mani ??:(

    • http://alhoceimaboy alhoceimaboy

      gi mani tamnozan cd diskawata watan tifad kh internet ijan 2 simanat
      3ad atan tafed

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    tqadachom khighanijan achnan swatas ghasan arma3na tamgha ( mani zamagh adas7assagh i album yakmar ) wasinagh mani

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... moha

    ayuzz med noumidia kho omayno ya isab7an as watass
    onasitim anza zakak bazaf ki rimar

  • imzouren

    ayuz i nomidia. wani yazon adisanath album yakmar adira7 gha studio adisagh cd :p

  • http://abde

    thighouchinaya makcha lant 7lant labasse labasse merci noumidia awma dherni ya yelan idhess makcha lannnn thanemireth

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... boixosrif

    un gran trabajo oumathnagh mohamed, eres uno de los mejores cantante a nivel tamazgha. un gran envento.tanamit

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