Nabil Thwiza releases a new album

Nabil Thwiza, Adjun Fusion

Nabil Thwiza has recently released his new album Adjun Fusion. “This new album is a product of three years of hard work. I am finally happy that it is ready to share with my fans & friends” Says Nabil Thwiza, the founder of the band. The album consists of eight tracks ranging from Thamja Thamizit, Layhanik, Awid Awid, Ga3 Ga3 and others. Adjun fusion is expected to be available in the market starting next week.

Thwiza musical style is characterized by its fusion among different styles such as Izran, Gnaoua, Rock and Reggae.

Here are some tracks from the Album:

1-Thamja Thamizit

2- Layhanik

3- Awid Awid

4- Ga3 Ga3

For more Tracks, please consult the music directory of Nabil Thwiza on the Rif Music library.


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